Reliable filtration of gases and liquids

We manufacture custom filter bags, filter pockets, supporting cages, and other elements according to individual customer requirements.

You can count on us

1000+ projektů ročně
Everything in one place

We are the only company in the Czech market that provides both filter bags and supporting cages. Therefore, everything is 100% compatible, and service is much faster and easier.

9-month warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. A 9-month warranty covers all products.

Výroba v Evropě
97% of our production
in Europe

97% of our production takes place in Europe, the rest in the USA. As a result, we deliver products with the quality we can guarantee. 

Fast response

In case of crashes, we respond in the shortest possible time. We will deliver replacement components within a week. If we are late, you will receive a 10% discount for each day of the delay.

Certifikát kvality
Quality certificate

You can rely 100% on the quality of our products. We have an ISO9001 quality certificate and ISO14001 environmental certification.

Manufacturing and sale of elements
for air conditioning

Using the latest technologies, we produce filter elements for air conditioning systems.   

Our pocket filters, panel filters, and filter fabrics are mainly used by clients in industrial halls, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, and other industrial and public areas. 

Filtration equipment repair service

We provide regular preventive maintenance and service in case of any problems. If there is a breakdown, we will deliver replacement components within a week.

Laboratory service
Application service
Technical service
Implementation service

We successfully complete
more than 1,000 projects every year

In the Radotín cement plant, we replaced filter bags and supporting cages. The company then met all legislative requirements concerning environmental protection.

In Třinec Ironworks, we have modified the attachment of the filter bags, thus eliminating the possibility of the bags falling out of the hanger.

We are KAYSER Filtertech

We have been active in the field of gas and liquid filtration for over 50 years - initially under the name Ecotex. Since 2019 as KAYSER Filtertech CZ. We understand that quality and reliability are the essential factors in filtration equipment.

That is why we use the latest technology in manufacturing, hold a quality certificate and take an active approach to environmental protection.